Enjoying Distinction in Family – By David Ibiyeomie

In life, until you dare to be different, you cannot make any difference; the family that must make a difference must do things differently. God never consulted man before He instituted marriage and the family. When God steps into a family no matter how battered and shattered the family is, it turns out to be great. […]

Time Management – By David Ibiyeomie

God has given every one the time to be the best he/she is created to be. How you utilize your time determines how far you will go in life. Stop spending time and start investing it. Time spenders are time wasters. Lack of time management is the reason many are not succeeding in life. Time is […]

Excellent Service – By David Ibiyeomie

Service is a vital aspect of our walk with God. Service makes our walk with God meaningful and fruitful. Without service, your walk with God is fake. Your glorious future is secured through quality service to God. Service is your ladder to higher heights in life. We are primarily saved to serve God. The soul […]

Sanctification – By David Ibiyeomie

Sanctification is a process by which a Christian believer is made holy through the help of the Holy Spirit. It is the importation of divine grace whereby we possess the nature of God and are made holy to live a pure life. It is the core of Christianity; the master key to fulfillment in life. […]

Be Dedicated – By David Ibiyeomie

To be dedicated means to be unreservedly committed. It is deadness to self. Dedication means to be sold out to a cause in life. It is at the point of your dedication that God will meet and promote you. When you are dedicated to an assignment, you are on a highway to distinction. Only pride […]

Look Within – By David Ibiyeomie

Your lifting will not come from abroad, it will come from within. 2 Kings 4:2 (KJV)   And Elisha said unto her, what shall I do for thee? Tell me, what hast thou in the house? And she said, Thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil. This woman had […]

The Law Of Priority – By David Ibiyeomie

To unleash your destiny and live above average, you have to practice the law of priority. It is the law which demands that you put first (important) things first. As a student, you cannot desire academic excellence and put your studies last. A business person who wants to shine in business cannot give the time […]

Be A Soul Winner – By David Ibiyeomie

Just as the children of Israel were delivered from bondage to be free to serve God, so also the believers are redeemed to serve God. We are saved to serve. The primary reason for your salvation is not to bear the title “born again” as an emblem, but to serve God in all sincerity of […]

Working Diligently – By David Ibiyeomie

Abraham did not step out and fold his hands for God to start doing wonders rather he was a worker. Genesis 13:2  And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Abraham reared cattle and was the first man to have a cattle ranch. He was a diligent and intelligent worker who was […]

Wisdom In Planning – By David Ibiyeomie

Planning is the application of logical, rational and analytical thinking to your objectives. You will never know the worth of what you have until you become a committed planner. Most people in search of white collar jobs might have something in their hands that can make them billionaires and employers of labour if they can […]